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Top 4 Trendy Wearable Technology for a Tech-Savvy

Saturday November 7th

Technology gets better and smarter day-by-day. Technological advancements today have become part of how we carry ourselves socially. The presence of technology in our life is evident in the form of wearable technology. Today, we can use a smartwatch to do everything we can use with a smartphone. Similarly, we can move around wearing Google Glass and check our emails or make a conference call. These beneficial features of wearable technology not only make us more functional but add a touch of style as well.

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6 Exotic Places to Consider for Honeymoon Deals

Monday October 26th

After celebrating bliss of marriage, a romantic honeymoon is the next big thing for a newly-wed couple. Apart from visiting some of the most beautiful places, a honeymoon brings couples closer emotionally and makes them experience the best moments of their life. To fully experience true essence of honeymoon, it is important for a newly-wed to choose a destination that offers them right ambiance to have the experience of honeymoon.

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Top 5 Best Gadgets For Food Lovers

Monday October 19th

Food preparation is something that most of us hate doing. Nonetheless, our cravings for delicious foods tempt us to do the hard work of making foods. For those food lovers, we have some really fantastic gadgets that can significantly reduce the efforts involved food preparation. These are not sophisticated devices and anyone can use them without any hassles.

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Bigg Boss 9: The Deadly Game is About to Begin

Wednesday October 14th

The long wait is finally over as Bigg Boss is back on silver screen after almost a year. It will be the 9th edition of this popular reality show that will be aired on Colors TV. However, this time Bigg Boss will be a whole new ballgame for contestants. The popular reality show will be hosted by none other than Salman Khan and it will be the fifth time he will be doing this job.

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Ralph Lauren Resigns as CEO: An Inspiring Journey Comes to an End

Tuesday October 6th

Image-1 Global business tycoon Ralph Lauren finally stepped down from his post as CEO. In a press release from Ralph Lauren Corporation, it is announced that Ralph Lauren will be resigning from his post as CEO. Stefan Larsson will be joining the role as CEO. However, the business mogul will continue to oversee the newly-appointed CEO and will be functioning as executive chairman and chief creative officer of the company.

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8 Surreal Places You Never Knew Exist

Thursday October 1st

This universe is full of fantastic sceneries that will leave you feeling spellbound. Some of these beautiful places are cultural heritage and the countries earn millions of buck from tourists who flock in million to watch these places.

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7 Eid-Ul-Adha Delicacies That You Cannot Get Enough of

Wednesday September 23rd

Image-1 Eid-Ul-Adha is just around the corner and we assume that your taste buds are already tantalized with thought of the delicious and juicy Eid-Ul-Adha feasts. The event is a religious Muslim festival that commemorates the noble act of Hazrat Ibrahim who was willing to sacrifice his own son to please Allah. Every year, Muslims around the world celebrate this festival in memory of this act to show their willingness to the command of Allah.

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Top 7 Undisputed Bollywood Style Icons of All-Time

Thursday September 17th

Image-1 Who come to your mind when we say “Bollywood style icon”? The obvious answer of this would be the Khans and Kumars of Bollywood who caused a worldwide hysteria with their stylish persona. Their deadly charm and individualistic fashion taste made a millions become their die-hard fans.

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10 Fashion Items of Recent Times and Their Geographic Origins

Friday September 11th

Fashion has a tendency to take up the influences from its geography. Cultures around the world have different shades of fashion and style that represent their cultural background. In Western region, the fashion clothes are more elaborate and sophisticated, while they are minimal and simplistic in Eastern region.

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Top 6 Most Spectacular Places in the World You Must See Before You Die

Tuesday September 1st

3-pyramids-of-giza Our universe is full of panoramic views that capture the very human imagination. The natural canvas of this world offers some of the most breathtaking and splendid sights that will leave you spellbound.

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