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Shadi is a very old and ancient institution which involves the union of two souls. Once a man and woman are proclaimed husband and wife, their relationship is considered legally and socially acceptable and no one can claim otherwise. Shadi ceremony is performed all over the world by people of all nationalities and religions as it is one of those rare institutions that are common among all humans. However, the rituals and customs involved in sanctifying a marriage differ greatly among people of different religions, social backgrounds and countries. A Muslim shadi may be a very simple affair, whereas a Hindu matrimony involves many colorful rituals and customs that are performed by the bride and groom.

Everyone wishes to get married one day and if you are also looking for a partner who will bring joy in your life and be there for you in both good and bad times then you only need to join our online matrimonial website. We provide first-rate matchmaking services for our users and connect them to like-minded individuals who are also looking for marriage. We cater to all nationalities, religions and castes. Don’t waste time thinking; you may only be a few minutes away from meeting your life partner.

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